Happy Companies – 2013

December 11, 2012 § Leave a comment

50Happiest2013This week,  CareerBliss published it’s list of the 50 Happiest Companies in America for 2013.  Some have moved up from last year, some have moved down. Two that I would have predicted to make it into the top 10 surprisingly didn’t (Google #18;  Apple #42).

The Top 10:

  1. Pfizer
  2. NASA
  3. U.S. Department of Defense
  4. KBR
  5. Cisco Systems
  6. Motorola
  7. Avaya
  8. General Electric
  9. Qualcomm
  10. Cognizant

CareerBliss, with over 600,000 company reviews, recognizes companies “that excel at providing happy work environments.”  The company also posts more than 3 million job listings making it a place taken notice by job seekers.

So, what differentiates happy companies from the norm?  According to CareerBliss, they are work places where “employees enjoy the people they work with and the support they get…….(and) in all of these companies (employees) have the freedom to use their knowledge, skills, and abilities to solve interesting problems…….(which) can be intrinsically motivating and leads to a happy workplace.”

Nice to see how this supports what Dan Pink wrote about in his 2011 Book “Drive,” where he points to reams of research that describes today’s workforce (especially those employees in roles that demand innovative, independent Drivethinking and problem solving) as motivated by the…

  • Need for autonomy to make decisions on what they do and how they do it,
  • The opportunity to continually get better at stuff (mastery), and
  • The setting where they can have a sense of meaning and purpose for what they do.

How different the world of work is from the days “management” was invented in the 1850’s as a technology to direct, organize and control humans hired to meet the needs of the industrial revolution. Then, it was about tools, tasks, carrots and sticks. Not so anymore.

Those of you looking to attract and retain key talent.  Take notice.

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